It all started with turning a negative situation (having a foggy memory) into a positive one. I always carried around my mini point-and-shoot camera in hopes of capturing magical moments with friends and loved ones. Cumulatively, those moments blossomed into creative documentation.

From photographing local events, to developing stock photos, to composing portraits, I am consistently working on archiving communities that I admire and identify with.



  • Gallery 44 x Supporting Our Youth, Film Photography
  • AGO, Jason Evan’s Portraiture Workshop
  • Gallery 44 x The Nia Centre for Arts, Film Photography

Group Exhibitions


  • Vulva Is, Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, ON


  • Strange Sisters: The Insatiable Redux, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, ON
  • Flux, Gallery 44, Toronto, ON
  • Black to the Future, Sherbourne Health Centre, Toronto, ON



  • Switzer, S, Lyaruu, T., Apong, K., Bell, O, Manuel-Smith, C, Hernandez, L., Pariah, S., McWhinney, P.G., Seidu, F., Bykes, A. (2016) What’s glitter got to do with it?: Re-imagining harm reduction, decision-making and the politics of youth engagement. In Smith, C. & Marshall, Z (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Harm Reduction: Conflict, Institutionalization, Co-optation, Depoliticization, and Direct Action. Nova Publishers: New York.




  • Say NO to femme taming and FUCK YEAH to femme claiming, Queer and Trans Suppliment, Excalibur: York University ‘s Community Paper, November 2013
  • Beads of Survival, FluxGallery 44 Zine, page 19, June 2013

Film And Video Art Productions


  • Route To LoveDirector/Editor. Digital Video. 3:13 Minutes. Story about mental health and self- harm as a young Black woman and overcoming this with art.
  • The Femme Chronicles (work-in-progress). Director/Editor. Digital Video. TBD. Documentary about 4 individuals who identify within the femme spectrum.

If you are interested in my services, connect with me via the contact page and visit my rates overview page to get an idea of prices.

*Note: All of my photography will be completed through The Spirit Stock Network