Raise Your Hand If You're A 20-Something & Are Scared Of All The Potential You Hold.

via Unsplash by Antoine Beauvillain.jpg Raise your hand if you are a 20-something & are scared of all the potential you hold. You are also welcome to raise your hand in your mind.

We are not alone. I say "we" because over the past few months I've encountered many other young adults who have projects brewing, goals lined up, and dreams upon dreams (myself included).

Dreams give us a direction but they stay in our heads.

We need to change dreams into visions that have actionable steps behind them. A person can dream for days but nothing will get done until you take the first step.

Need some help? Here is a snippet of an article that I read this morning that got me motivated:

2) Use "Minimum Viable Effort"

Want to floss more often? Okay, just floss one tooth. Sound silly? That’s fine. Just like your mom told you: focus on baby steps - via bakadesuyo.com

It sounded like an absurd idea, but reading further down the article it made lots of sense.

Good luck on your journey, it is only the beginning!