The Book Club Archive

If you like the idea of reading but may not have the time/resources/patience/effort to do it, then this book club archive is for you. Below are a list of books that changed my life for the better. The list will be updated every month with something new. To see reoccurring snippets of the book I'm reading currently, I post often on my Insta-stories.


Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Before reading Unshakeable:

  • I never knew I had a mutual fund, I thought I just had a TFSA and RSP. I also didn't know I was paying almost 3% in fees vs other places where I could pay less than 1% in fees.
  • I thought you could ONLY invest in stocks in the stock market
  • I thought all major companies were publicly traded

I learned so much about investing from this one book. Unshakable is one of my top books, hands down. 


Upgrade: Taking Your Work and Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary

If you want your organization to succeed or want to achieve success personally, you need to think of leadership as a collaboration in which you utilize people for their strengths. This approach will engage and inspire your team to work harder, be more productive, and be more involved.

- Rana Florida

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How to be Here

No one is just a mom, just a construction worker, just a salesperson, just a clerk - because you doing your work in your place at this time is highly original and desperately needed.

It may have been done or said by someone else. That’s a distinct possibility. It may have been done or said before.

But it hasn’t been done or said by you. It hasn’t come through your unique flesh and blood, through your life, through your experience and insight and perspective.

- Rob Bell

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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Extra information is more than useless. It’s harmful. It confuses the issues. What screws up doctors when they are trying to predict heart attacks is that they take too much information into account.   

- Malcolm Gladwell

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